Making a Martyr

Making a Martyr

kr 4.500,00

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Year: 2021
Series of 222
Size: 56 x 76cm
Paper: Somerset satin white- 300gms- torn edge
Other: CMYK silk print

These prints will be available at from the 3rd April 2021.

For more info, see “Additional Information”

For the background story to this piece, see “AFK streetart/Making a Martyr”

Additional information


Making a Martyr – help them where they are – the print.

There has been a lot of demand for this print and after much consideration, I decided it was ready for publication. It will be available on the 3rd of april, kl1200 via

But why now? Well, there are a few reasons, but to be frank the deal breaker came after witnessing reactions to NRK’s, Shaun Henrik Matheson’s rant on Israel recently. He has himself admitted that he went too far, yet the new (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism makes it increasingly difficult to speak about Israeli human rights abuses and it poses a direct censorship threat to advocates for Palestinian rights.

So, I felt compelled to generate income for a Jewish group that is under constant attack, Jewish Voice for Peace, the largest US Jewish group critical of Israel and in support of the BDS movement.
To call a critic of the Israeli government anti-Semitic, is like calling a critic of apartheid South Africa racist. It is absurd- McCarthyism. We need to see through the identity politics and stand in solidarity with all Jews, Muslims, Christians, humans, fighting to uphold human rights and international law.

So that, and the fact that Easter and Passover coincide, seemed like good symbolic reasons to release this print now.
All income, minus production costs, will go to:

– Jewish Voice for Peace: Human rights organization that seeks through international law to counter anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim and anti-Arab displacement and apartheid in Israel.

– Janita Marolia: A volunteer health worker who runs a Mother and child clinic in the refugee camp in Samos. The money will be used to buy food, medicine, infant formula +++

– PanQuake: A next-generation SoMe messaging app powered by blockchain technology independent of large international companies. The technology is currently under development.



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