Elephant in the Room.

Elephant in the Room.

kr 3.675,00

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All proceeds from this print (minus production costs), will be donated to the Artificial Limbs and Polio Center (ALPC), in Gaza. 

Year: 2017
Series: 90 & 10 (90 regular and 10 handfinished)
Size: 56 x 76 cm
Paper: Screenprint on 300gsm Sommerset paper
Other: Handpulled, signed and numbered by artist.

Price includes the Norwegian artist tax.

The money will be used as stated below:

60% will go directly to the production of prosthetic limbs for patients.
20% will go to a fundraising plan to give the center a sustainable future.
20% will go to paying salaries for the center’s employees.

For transparency, a receipt of the money transfer and norwegian artist tax payment will also be made public after the transaction.

There are 90 regular prints, and 10 hand finished. It will be a luck of the draw whether you receive a regular or hand finished version. If you wish to NOT receive a hand finished version, this must be communicated upon ordering. If you are collecting the artwork in Bergen (Handala butikk or Gate Galleriet), use the discount coupon “LOCAL” to remove shipping fees. The norwegian artist tax is included in the price.

A description of the street version of “Elephant in the Room” can be read here… https://afkstreetart.com/elephant-in-the-room/



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